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Affinity's DeVito on Attracting Young Members

From The Private Club Advisor, March 2011

Are You Giving Young Membership Prospects the Right Signals?
A club can express a desire to attract younger members, even offer them price incentives, but unless the club is putting out the correct “signals,” its marketing effort may be for naught. Membership consultant Damon DeVito of Affinity Management advocates what he calls “signaling” to show younger members they are welcome at the club and will be happy there.

“Are the younger members’ club ambassadors (or sponsors or mentors) like them?" DeVito asked. “Is the children’s menu progressive? Is there a comfortable place to dine with their kids? People with young children don’t want their kids in formal dining situations any more than empty nesters want to see them there. Clubs can say a lot to young prospects without actually saying anything.”

DeVito also noted that “young people tend to travel in groups, so it’s worth it to attract the right ones.” Focus on the perceived leaders, those who others of the same age seek to emulate, and the club’s membership ranks could grow significantly.

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