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Affinity Management publishes a free newsletter called Memberandum and a newsletter for paid subscribers called The Affinity Report.  Currently, subscribers to The Affinity Report have access to our private website,
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Memberandum is published biweekly and delivered by email to subscribers. Some issues of Memberandum include research or writing from thought leaders and industry experts that we consider friends of our company. These issues are called Memberandum: By Invitation Only. Subscribers may unsubscribe at any time.

Complimentary archives of Memberandum and Memberandum: By Invitation Only are available by clicking here.

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The Affinity Report
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The Affinity Report is published biweekly and delivered by email to paid subscribers. The Affinity Report was developed to address the lack of timely, quality information in the club industry and the fact that busy owners, managers and boards have the least amount of time to gather information when they need it the most. This newsletter delivers data, trends, anecdotes and predictions in short bullet points so readers can quickly access points of interest and have more ammunition with which to communicate with board members, owners, management, members and customers.

Some issues of The Affinity Report represent in-depth interviews with thought leaders, industry experts or notable club members. These issues are called Club Conversations and they provide a more in-depth look at the relationship between individuals and their clubs. All of us have been particularly inspired at one point or another from an insightful conversation with a respected peer, customer or mentor, but time is often too scarce to have these conversations as frequently as we would like, with a clear head and a list of prepared questions. Affinity Management values these conversations and shares them with our paid subscribers as an added bonus that would normally be priced at $150 annually, but for a limited time we are including it as a bonus to paid subscribers of The Affinity Report.   

The Affinity Report costs $150 annually, but for a limited time it is available to charter subscribers for just $99. We will also include Club Conversations ($150/year value) and free access to our password-protected private website The A List, where we offer additional free resources and downloads to paid subscribers, access to the archives of all newsletters,and web conference archives. To become a charter subscriber and receive The Affinity Report, Club Conversations and access to The A List all for just $99 for one year please click below to sign up.

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