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In an industry driven by passion, ego and silos, Affinity Management's clients are typically confident, determined and eager to solve problems and overcome obstacles. They are owners, boards and senior management who think like owners in protecting and growing their business. They value results, and do not suffer excuses.

We deliver results (not reports), often in challenging situations

"We were in danger of losing our 85-year-old, member-owned club. Affinity saved it through creativity, perseverance and experience."
- ST, Club President, equity country club  

"I hired Affinity to advise us on a very difficult situation. They were referred to us by another industry specialist who felt the work was too challenging for them. Affinity showed perseverance and integrity while solving a challenging and difficult problem. They focused on the core issues and left our Club stronger. I would recommend them without qualification."
- GT, Club President, equity country club
We tell it like it is
"I valued their integrity to tell me what was needed as opposed to what I wanted to hear."
- Larry Corson, Sr. VP, Hunt Realty Investments (former CEO Evergreen Alliance Golf Ltd.)

"Straight shooters who are on top of their business and treat their clients' money like their own. They absolutely understand clubs and have an uncanny intuition to get to the heart of the problem, create a solution and get everyone on board to make it happen.
- Frank Birckhead, CPA, Owner, Moneywise Payroll
We work closely with clients to add value that others may miss
"GSG was developing three private clubs. Affinity was able to locate some great Membership Directors, and they have an ability to quickly analyze difficult situations to identify key issues and present workable solutions. They may also be the only firm we've found that likes the work as much as we do."
- Todd Watson, VP, Hunt Realty Investments, (former Project Manager, Golf Services Group)

"We had a complicated, highly confidential and very unique consulting request. From the first moment we talked, I felt confident that Affinity clearly understood the complexities of our problem and were uniquely qualified to provide answers that we needed. This group is extremely professional and knowledgeable, and my Board is hoping for a long and successful relationship with Affinity. Certainly one of the most successful consulting relationships I have ever had over a 35 year career."
- Board President
We bring the expertise to quickly customize solutions without reinventing the wheel
"A top-notch operator and consultant - they are creative, yet extremely practical, and thoroughly understand club economics and membership dynamics."
- Ted M. Benn, Partner, Thompson & Knight, LLP (former in-house counsel at ClubCorp)

"Everything Affinity said would happen, did happen. They really understand membership and members."
- Vice President, club division for publicly traded hospitality company

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